At Quvis, we look beyond what already exists. We see what’s possible, not just what’s already here.

For nearly two decades Quvis™ has invented technology to move vast amounts of data in real time, and with extraordinary visual representation quality.  Quvis™ holds patents that enabled key innovations in digital cinema and beyond.  A key patent at the heart of many Quvis products is Quality Priority Encoding.   QPE™  yields ultra high quality image storage in an efficient format- without risking the distortion that often comes with over reliance on compression techniques.

Quvis™ designed the first 2K, 4K, and 3D digital cinema servers. We also made the first 2K, 4K, and 3D digital cinema recorders. Industry leaders like Pixar and Sony partnered with Quvis™ to realize the potential of digital cinema.

Known for innovation and quality, Quvis™ competed with over 20 companies and was chosen by NASA to provide the meticulous images for the “Return to Flight” program.  Starting with the space Shuttle Discovery, Quvis™ captured and quickly relayed the highest quality launch images to NASA’s analysis labs for study.  Quvis™ also supported the launch of NASA’s “New Horizons” mission to Pluto.

In 2011 Quvis™ was acquired by Seacoast Capital Partners, an investment firm dedicated to fueling more innovation in the digital cinema industry.  “With new investment capital, we can keep innovating toward our goal- bringing digital cinema to everyone,” says Kenbe Goertzen, Quvis™’ founder.

In 2012, Quvis™ introduced the first fully featured, software DCP player, enabling creatives to see their finished work without the steep expense of digital cinema hardware for their studios.  The Quvis™ DCP player will play any DCP, whether it was produced with Final Cut, Adobe, or Avid.