Play your DCP in realtime – without leaving your studio!

QuVIS DCPPlayer™ is an Apple Mac application running on OSX 10.7 or later.  It supports 2K 2D Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) on display and audio peripherals supported by Mac computers.  Digital Cinema Package frame rates of 24, 25, and 30 frames per second are supported.   DCP decode is a processing intensive application, so late model Mac computers using Xeon or i7 CPUs are recommended.

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From Luis Otero at Digital Emulsion

I want to share with you a simple, yet amazing piece of software that I found. If you have been longing like me for a really user-friendly, easy-to-use DCP player for MAC, look no more!!! I recently acquired the new Mac DCP Player from QuVIS. It allows you to play a properly rendered DCP as easy as you would play a MOV file with QuickTime! And they priced it for just under $700…!

There are no complicated settings to mess with before you can get a stable play, in which video and audio are kept in sync, without stuttering (if your system complies with they recommended specs, which I find basic). I tested 3 other options, only one targeted for Mac, and non of them come even close. The performance is amazing!

I have successfully played several DCPs, generated by different encoders, without a problem. One of the BIG pluses for me is playing directly from my MAC, no need to have a separate PC laptop, or run Windows. The stability and performance of this product is simply OUTSTANDING, and nothing out there compares with it..!!!

Their current version plays the DCP in the sRGB color space (it auto converts the material from X’Y’Z’ to sRGB with an internal LUT), which means that you can preview it using your computer monitor. We can finally save the usual $500/click fee that the cinemas charge to preview your material for just 30 minutes. You can preview the entire DCP, as many times as you need it, after any adjustments you or your client requests.

From the user’s perspective, this is really a ground breaking product.

Here is the link: http://www.quivis.com/dcp-player-1-0/
I hope you find it as useful as I do!


From Jesus Garcia in Los Angeles, CA.

I had my content packaged into a DCP by a service company that used a Clipster for DCP packaging.
I wanted to carefully inspect the DCP for Quality Control (QC), and I wanted to take my time watching the playback.
An indie filmmaker like myself would prefer to avoid the high hourly rates of a digital theater and not feel rushed in the QC process.
I searched and found the QuVIS DCPPlayer software, and lo and behold! It saved my hide and money!
It was very convenient to prepare for the premiere and truly know I had excellent control over the quality of my DCP and the service provider!


Michael Boyuk from Toronto, Canada

Here is some background info on our journey to DCP support and the selection of your DCP Player.

I started this year doing a lot of research on DCP creation, as we moved from 35mm prints to digital deliveries.
As you know, supporting DCPs can be insanely expensive, so I am learning how to do this all myself to save money.
Our latest issue has been previewing the DCPs we produced.  We had no easy way to preview and QC the final DCP!

This past weekend, I had a cinema tell me that a DCP that we sent was out of sync.
This was a horror as they had been playing it over the weekend and apparently they had just noticed ?!?!
The same DCP was playing at another cinema and they told me it was totally fine there.

I needed to bite the bullet and purchase a DCP player to see if the DCP was indeed out of sync or what the hell was going on!
I had tried many player evals which did not look very good.  Stuttering and low display resolution.  Display quality was so bad I really hated to spend my money this way!

Before I clicked BUY NOW for one of these other products, I did one more Google search, which brought me to an Apple support page in their communities. I saw the link for your software, and thought I would give it a whirl.

It was AMAZING!  The image was perfect!  No stuttering, no issues.   Just a great looking preview of the film.

I tested my “out of sync” DCP this morning, and to my delight, the sync was correct. It was the theatre having an issue with one of their servers!

I am running the software on my laptop which is a MACBOOK PRO – 15-inch, Early 2011.

Processor  2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory  8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics  AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 MB

The software works fantastic on it. I am so totally pleased!

Now I can properly QC my DCPs before they head off to film festivals and cinemas across Canada.

No more worries!  Many thanks! 

Player Performance

Important NOTE on platform compatibility

The computer platform date of manufacture is VERY important to DCPPlayer performance!
Decoding and processing of the frames must occur fast enough for reliable real time playback.
The DCPPlayer uses the vector instructions in the Intel instruction set.
These high speed instructions are available in the Intel Xeon processors used in Mac Pro products from 2010 on, and in i5 and i7 product from 2012 on.  As a result, a recent i7 quad core Mac Mini, iMac or Laptop with solid state storage will be acceptable as a DCP Player, but a 4, 8 or 12 core Mac Pro made before 2010 will not be fast enough to play in real time.

Wraptor will function correctly, but processing time will vary, based on platform and availability of advanced instructions.

Model Processor RAM Disk OSX Date Score
Mac Pro 2.66G 12-Core 6 GB HDD 10.7.5 M 2010    A
Mac Pro 3G 8-Core 20 GB HDD 10.7.5 M 2007    C
Mac Pro 2.8G 8-Core 8 GB HDD 10.7.5 M 2008    C
MacBook Pro 2.6G i7 8 GB SSD 10.8.2 M 2012    A
MacBook Pro 2.3G i7 4 GB SSD 10.8.2 M 2012    A
i7 Mini-Mac 2.3G i7 4 GB SSD 10.8.2 L 2012   A
i7 Mini-Mac 2.3G i7 4 GB HDD 10.8.2 L 2012    B
i5 Mini-Mac 2.3G i5 2 GB HDD 10.7.5 M 2011    C
MacBook Air 1.6G i5 4 GB SSD 10.7.5 M 2011    C
iMac 3.1G i7 8 GB HDD 10.8.2 M 2013   A
iMac 2.8G 2-Duo 2 GB HDD 10.8 M 2007    D

 Throughput Score Description

  • A: Highly Recommended. Good play even on high rate DCPs
  • B: Recommended, May stutter ocasionaly on extremely high data rate DCPs
  • C: Not Recommended, Useful, but stutters on most DCPs
  • D: Not Recommended, Stutters excessively on all DCPs


  • Questions about platform suitability Please contact us!