QPE encoding for packaging without distortion

The essence of current and future Quvis™ products lies in our proprietary QPE™ Technology.

Quality Priority Encoding (QPE™) yields ultra high quality image storage in an efficient format- without risking the distortion that often comes with over reliance on compression techniques.  Quvis™ products incorporating QPE™ have been chosen by customers who demand the highest quality results- like NASA, The British Film Council, and most major US movie studios.

While other groups worked on existing methods of image compression for rate-critical consumer media communication, Quvis™ pursued a different path. We saw the possibilities of better encoding for the most efficient data storage, enabling the preservation of image quality.  By exploring the possibilities of encoding, we’ve fueled innovations for critical applications in technical, military, medical, and media communication industries.

Within the digital cinema space, Quvis™ technology has been trusted by thousands of customers for digital mastering and cinema playback in 2k, 4k, 3D, and more.  Key relationships have included Pixar, Universal, Paramount, Sony/Columbia Pictures, Fox, Miramax, Lucas Films, Warner Brothers, Lightstorm, and DreamWorks.

Quvis™ continues to pursue innovations to enable the independent media producer, film festivals, film schools, archives, and industrial media.  We have offered the first real time softer DCP player.  This innovation means that customers can view their DCP without the cost and inconvenience of traveling to their local digital theatre, or incurring the high cost of digital cinema hardware for their studio.

And we’re not stopping here. New features like encryption, key management and decryption are coming and updates for the new Intel Haswell CPU and GPU based products, OSX 10.9 and the new Mac Pro.  We have already seen smooth real time 4K DCP playback, and product release is just around the corner!