Adobe Media Encoder Plugin

QuVIS Pro Wrator 3.0 DCP encoder for Adobe AME 8.0

QuVIS now offers a pro Wraptor plug-in for Adobe AME8 for special technical and commercial DCP processing applications and requirements.  Here are the highlights:

Image size
The Pro Wraptor version is as easy to use as the free version, but adds 4K formats and the HD and UHD advertising DCP media sizes as well.

Frame rate
The standard frame rate for theatrical movies has been 24 frames per second for about 100 years now.  Perhaps it is time for a change?  Most currently installed cinema players support 24, 25, and 30 frames per second and some support 48, 50 and 60.  These new rates have all been added to the Pro version and are as easy to use as 24.   If you have an application for other rates such as 72, 75, 96, 100, and 120 please let us know!

The Pro version adds support for 7.1 audio to the already available stereo and 5.1 audio, and adds the option for a 96 Khz sample rate.  All the same automatic processing  and converting audio sample rates is available if the source media is not quite what it needs to be, saving countless hours of manual setup and processing.

Encoding quality and efficiency
The Pro version adds controls to the Quality Priority Encoding method, allowing potential signal fidelities above and below studio theatrical guidelines.  Operation at 3 and 6 dB above theatrical (typically a 40% and 100% increase in average rates, over theatrical)  is now possible for applications such as archive and production elements.  Operation at 3, 6, 9, and 12 dB below theatrical is also possible, for fine control of release size and the absolute minimum data rates.  Some major motion pictures have been successfully released at 6dB below guidelines.  The data rate ceiling is also adjustable down from the DCI standard rate of 250Mb/s allowing a hard limit to the maximum data rate. An additional option to increase the rate to 500 and 1000 Mb/s is in the works for to support archive applications and to possibility of SMPTE changes to the standard for 4K and High Frame Rate (HFR) modes.

In the Pro Wraptor version, we assume DCP packaging is a major issue for the customer, not just an occasional requirement, so we get greedier with our request for computing resources.  Therefore, especially on high performance platforms, Pro Wraptor will substantially outperform the free Wraptor offering.  Speeds well above real time are easily obtainable on typical media rendering systems.

Advanced Encoding Tools, coming soon!
We can currently produce the smallest DCP sizes in the industry, with the best rate distortion performance allowing us to retain excellent quality.  This has not been very important when movies were shipped to theaters on 400 Gbyte disk drives, but if they are delivered electronically, or broadly to consumers, or on blu-ray optical disks, suddenly the data payload becomes very very important!   The advent of consumer 4K and UHD displays and projectors has highlighted the virtual vacuum of suitable content for these devices!  We are now working to add tools to Wraptor Pro which allow data rates as low as one fourth of our current rates while retaining big screen theatrical quality and full JPEG2000 and DCI DCP compatibility.

Features Comparison between Free and Pro version